Success Story: Jordan Esteban

Jordan Esteban is a Certified Social Worker at First Step House in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Jordan is speaking to the benefits of the Behavioral Health Workforce Initiative Loan Repayment Program.

Jordan states:

  • “The first thing is with being able to get assistance with student loans. This helps with my family, and being able to make ends meet.”
  • “It has been good not having the stress of paying monthly payments for student debt.”
  • “It has allowed my family to save more money to help with future goals of having our own home, paying necessities of medical bills, utilities, and other daily life responsibilities.”

Jordan states that one of main challenges he faces is making sure to put his self-care as a priority in his life.

  • Jordan’s had an increase in caseload the lasts few months and he wants to avoid burn out.
  • One of the steps Jordan’s taken to alleviate burn out is trying to leave work when his 8 hours are complete. This has been a big help in maintaining his self-care.

Jordan plans to be at First Step House, helping the individuals they serve for the foreseeable future.

  • He feels like the work First Step House does is special.
  • He would like to pursue a career in social work working with underserved populations.
  • This is something that he’s passionate about.

Jordan has several clients where he used his patience to better serve and support them, and goes on to state:

  • “These clients took a lot of understanding or else would have not made it through a residential substance use treatment program.”
  • “By having empathy and patience I’ve been able to help them through their first steps of long term sobriety.”

“This program has truly benefited my life and my family in many ways.”- Jordan Esteban