Success Story: Eastern Rural Health

Tonya Boren is a Nurse Practitioner in Trauma Care at Uintah Basin Clinic in Eastern Rural Utah.

Tonya speaks about her experiences as a Nurse Practitioner in Rural Utah, and some of the challenges she faces.

Treating rural Utah one patient at a time.”

“Below is a photo of a male patient who was trampled by a cow. His arm had an extensive crush injury and was blackened when I saw him. He had a classic crush injury to his arm and was started on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy . Within three days, there was pink color back to his arm and finger movement. His arm was saved, and his wound was completely healed within five months.”

“My student loans!!”

“Student loans have been difficult in trying to pay along with the needs of my family. My elderly mother also recently had a stroke and is now living with me. I am working full time and taking care of her full time. My husband works in the oil field and his job is sporadic with hours.”