Persistent innovator honored for bringing telepharmacy to underserved areas of southern Utah

Dr. Zackery Taylor, director of pharmacy at Wayne Community Health Center, pictured above.

The Office of Primary Care and Rural Health recognized Dr. Zackery Taylor, director of pharmacy at Wayne Community Health Center, with an Impact Award, a tribute to rural healthcare professionals who embody “the power of rural.” After earning his doctorate of pharmacy and an MBA, Dr. Taylor returned to Wayne County to serve the community where he was raised.

Donavan Smith, CEO of Wayne Community Health Center, nominated Taylor for his persistence. “Dr. Zackery Taylor, PharmD, is not only an exceptional healthcare professional but also a beloved figure among his patients,” Smith said. “He excels in the face of challenges, never backing down, which is a testament to his resilience and unwavering work ethic. He does not know the meaning of the word quit.”

In 2019, Taylor opened the first telepharmacy in Green River, Utah, as authorized by the Utah State Legislature under 58-17b-621. The site operates with technicians supervised via live video feed. Taylor oversees 3 rural pharmacies, actively managing 2 of them, while supervising the vital operations of the remote dispensing pharmacy for Green River Medical Center. 

Beyond the routine responsibilities of managing the pharmacies, Dr. Taylor faces unique challenges common to rural healthcare. Pharmacies in urban settings may have IT support or facility maintenance staff, but Taylor and his staff have to be self-reliant. 

“We are pleased to recognize Dr. Taylor and Wayne Community Health Center with an Impact Award,” said Marc Watterson, PCRH office director. “Dr. Taylor’s telepharmacy services are fundamental to improving the health of his community and those the health center serves. It is an innovative approach to improving access to healthcare for rural Utahns.” 

Taylor knew he wanted to return to Wayne County upon graduating college. “I’m not a city person,” Taylor said. “My favorite part about my work is the chance to serve the people I’ve grown up with.” Taylor lives in Fremont with his wife and 2 sons. He appreciates living in wide open spaces where his ancestors settled in the 1800s. When he’s not at work, he’s at his family’s cattle ranch in the mountains. 

Each year, PCRH celebrates National Rural Health Day to bring attention to the incredible efforts of rural healthcare providers, communities, organizations, and other stakeholders dedicated to addressing the unique healthcare needs of rural America. 

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