Cheryl Brunson, nurse manager at Intermountain Fillmore Community Hospital, honored for improving access to outpatient care close to home

The Office of Primary Care and Rural Health (PCRH) honored Cheryl Brunson with an Impact Award, which recognizes employees from rural healthcare facilities who embody the “power of rural.” She was selected for an Impact Award because of her leadership, devotion to community, and commitment to continuing education. Brunson has worked at Intermountain Fillmore Community Hospital for 30 years.

Brunson is a registered nurse who trained in multiple specialties. She was promoted to the position of both medical and surgical nurse manager, which provided an opportunity to improve quality outcomes and employee engagement. She helped expand access to outpatient treatments for the Fillmore area, such as wound care and chemotherapy treatment programs, that allow residents to get care close to home.

Brunson’s supervisor nominated her for an Impact Award because Brunson always does the right thing and is a great leader. Brunson started working in healthcare when she was young, joining her mother at Fillmore Community Hospital. Living in a rural area can be tough, but Brunson found ways to learn online and finish her education.

“I’ve learned so much in my 30 years because I live in rural Utah. Living here has given me chances to enjoy the outdoors. More importantly, it taught me that everyone is different, and we all want to be heard,” said Brunson.

“We are pleased to recognize Cheryl Brunson and Fillmore Community Hospital with an Impact Award,” said Marc Watterson, PCRH office director. “Her hard work is a critical part of healthcare and demonstrates the power of rural.” 

Fillmore Community Hospital is a not-for-profit, 18-bed Critical Access Hospital located in rural central Utah. It is a certified Level IV trauma center, providing the most advanced urgent medical care available to residents and visitors. 

Each year, PCRH celebrates National Rural Health Day to bring attention to the incredible efforts of rural healthcare providers, communities, organizations, State Offices of Rural Health (SORH), and other stakeholders dedicated to addressing the unique healthcare needs of rural America. PCRH works to improve access to quality primary, behavioral, and oral healthcare in rural and underserved communities. PCRH is an office of the Utah Department of Health and Human Services and receives funding from federal grants and state appropriations. For more information, visit