Positive Pathways

Amanda De Lucia Success Stories

Positive Pathways is recognized as an approved site for the Health Care Workforce Financial Assistance Program and is making a BIG difference serving the underserved residents of Carbon County, UT.  

“As I begin to build my mental health practice in Carbon County, Utah I can easily see how so many private practices don’t make it to their second year. Uncertainty in the health care landscape, reimbursement, paperwork, and overhead are just some of the issues that keep me up at night. Additionally, I’m one of the 44 million Americans saddled with student loan debt. This year The Healthcare Workforce Financial Assistance Program blessed my life with loan repayment, making it easier for me to focus on the rewarding aspects of private practice. Specifically, I intend to put quality above quantity and in doing so improve outcomes in the area in which I grew up. Thank you, Utah Office of Primary Care and Rural Health for the opportunity to further serve my community.”

Learn more about Positive Pathways by visiting https://sabrinakcarter.wixsite.com/positivepathways