Health Care Workforce Financial Assistance Program (HCWFAP)

Total Funding $0,300.00 per year
Total Budgeted $0,486.42 per year

“I am profoundly grateful and look forward to our relationship where I can report current health progress and concerns of our rural community. “

Betty A. Gould

Program Overview

The Health Care Workforce Financial Assistance Program (HCWFAP) exists to provide educational loan repayment assistance to healthcare professionals who locate or continue to practice in underserved areas. 

Future participation in the program will require sites to be located inside of a Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA). Please see the following website to determine if your site will meet this requirement. HPSA Find

The Health Care Workforce Financial Assistance Program did not receive funding for FY 20. Our office will continue working to receive funding for the program in the future.

Program Statute and Rule

Application and Progress Report

Additional Information

Are student Loan Repayments taxable? No. Student loan repayments made to you are tax free according to the IRS publication 970 page 38 which can also be found online at IRS Publication 970.

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