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Utah’s Health Care Workforce Financial Assistance Program:

The Behavioral Health Workforce Reinvestment Initiative and Health Care Workforce Loan Repayment Programs have combined to become a three-year program serving multiple types of health providers. For the FY 2023, the award amounts have increased and the practicing sites must agree to a 20 % match.

These changes took effect July 01, 2022.

You Can Make An Impact

“I plan to continue my work in Carbon and Emery counties as an advanced practice nurse practitioner long-term and remain an active participant in the community both as a rural health care professional and volunteer. Thank you again for the amazing opportunity to be a part of this program and for your continued support.”

Tiffany Noyes, Ph.D., Loan Repayment Program Recipient


For more information about eligibility to enter the program and receive financial assistance, please read: Health Care Workforce Financial Assistance Program Information Flier.

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Check out this list of sites that have participated in this loan repayment program!

Provider Application

Medical providers may apply here to receive financial assistance for their student loans.

Site Application

If you are a hospital, clinic, or other type of site interested in attracting talented medical professionals to serve your communities, apply here.

Progress Report

Providers who enroll in this program are asked to submit progress reports periodically to demonstrate their impact within their communities. Progress reports help to demonstrate the volume of patients who benefit from the providers’ services, the quality of care, and the how the financial assistance program has helped providers achieve their goals. The Primary Care and Rural Health office also invites providers to submit anecdotal stories to help demonstrate the success of the program to funders, and legislators, as well as to inspire new applicants to work in underserved communities in Utah.

Progress reports are typically submitted every six months. If you are a provider and you are wondering when your next progress report is due, details can be found in Attachment B of your contract.

Program Statute and Rule


W-9 Forms

Has your address changed recently? If you are a program participant and your address has recently changed, you will need to fill out a new W9.

Additional Information

Are student Loan Repayments taxable? No. Student loan repayments made to you are tax free according to the IRS publication 970 page 38 which can also be found online at IRS Publication 970.

Learn more about the program via this slide deck!

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