Success Story: The Children’s Center

Kimberli Berrett is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor with The Children’s Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Kimberli speaks about the type of intervention her counseling modalities provide, as well as her own personal challenges as a Clinical mental Health Counselor.

Even the littles need help.”-Kimberli Berrett

  • “I provide family therapy for families of children 0-7 years old.”
  • “Families come to therapy to engage in evidence based trauma focused therapies such as Child Parent Psychotherapy”
  • “Families and children engage in understanding the impact of trauma on their child’s current emotional and behavioral regulation.”
  • “Caregivers engage in exploring and implementing positive parenting strategies that support their children and family.”

Helping families:

  • “I have been able to increase caregivers’ understanding and awareness of their children’s behaviors and emotional responses.
  • “One family I worked with I was able to take the client through TF-CBT and help her increase her emotion identification and expression.”
  • “I was able to assist her in increasing her coping strategies such as deep breathing, muscle relaxation, and mindfulness.”
  •  “I was able to engage the client in relaying her story and experiences she had been through in her young life.”

Sometimes we need help too.”

  • “There are financial challenges to my work as I strive to support my own family while working in a non-profit sector.”
  • “I am a single mother and make financial sacrifices to continue my work in the non-profit sector.”
  • “The salaries provided for staff in a non-profit sector does not meet what is needed to support families.”