PCNA Rank Map

The PCO Program conducted a Primary Care Needs Assessment in 2018 and the results of the quantitative data analysis are displayed below in eight indicators at the small health area level. The eight areas ranked in the analysis include:

  • All Health Indicator Rank
  • Access to Care Rank
  • Precursors Rank 1 – Chronic Disease (Obesity and Physical Inactivity) Rank
  • Precursors Rank 2 – Chronic Disease (Alcohol and Smoking) Rank
  • Screenings and Immunizations Rank
  • Mental Health Indicators Rank
  • Overall Health Reported Rank
  • SES Rank

All indicators were ranked from 1 – 64 (1 being the greatest need and 64 being the lowest need). The indicators used in the PCNA analysis include the following:

Download the entire ranking data set here.