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OPCRH Director
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Workforce Development Coordinator
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Workforce Development Specialist
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Health System Specialist
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Our Mission and Vision

To collaborate with statewide partners to improve access to quality health care in rural and underserved communities.

To elevate the capacity of rural and underserved communities to deliver quality health care.

Our History

The Office of Primary Care and Rural Health (OPCRH) has been in existence since 1991, and is the major health resource for Utah's rural and underserved communities.

OPCRH coordinates federal, state, and local efforts aimed at improving the health of Utah's rural and medically underserved residents. OPCRH works with Utah’s urban and rural communities, agencies and organizations to recruit health care professionals, identify sources of funding, and to implement other projects related to decreasing disparity and increasing access to primary health care services.

OPCRH is located within the Utah Department of Health, Division of Family Health and Preparedness, Bureau of Primary Care. We are fortunate to have the State Office of Rural Health, Primary Care Office, and state loan repayment programs all located in one office. This allows us to collaborate more effectively and provide cross-training, increasing our sustainability.

The current OPCRH Director, Matt McCullough, was hired in August of 2017 and has contributed to substantial organizational changes within the office, including the creation of two functional teams, the Health Systems Support Team and the Workforce Development Team. By combining all eight programs into two teams we are able to increase our collaboration between programs and cross train staff members more effectively. Ultimately, this allows us to provide better customer service to our partners and produce higher quality work.

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