2018 Hospital Awards

Amanda De Lucia Success Stories

In 2018 the Utah FLEX program presented three awards to rural hospitals for outstanding work.

The first award was a Leadership Award that was presented to Clayton Holt, CEO at San Juan Hospital in Monticello, UT for his excellent leadership and financial management of a small rural hospital!

“Clayton is passionate about the care we provide to the community, and about the employees who work here. His forward-thinking and dedication to SJHSD has made this organization exceptional. He wholeheartedly believes in our core values to be the best place to receive care, the best place to work, and the best place to practice medicine, and strives to achieve this daily. Leadership is not a position or title, it is action and example, and Clayton proves this true every day.” – Director of Nursing

The second award was presented to Lenny Lyons at both Delta and Fillmore Community Hospitals for excellent integration with local EMS agencies & Level IV Trauma designation.

“When we became Trauma Certified, Lenny played an instrumental role in helping me as the Trauma Coordinator and our EMS agency take the necessary steps to build networks of contact and trust with one another. The hospital relationship with EMS developed moderate tension prior to our arrival. With Lenny’s support in mending these relationships I feel strongly that this lead to the success of gaining our Trauma Designation status. Thank you Lenny for all of your support!”

The third award was a Community Benefit award presented to Jennifer Sadoff at Moab Regional Hospital for excellence in developing programs and resources unique to the community they serve and for making great progress in establishing strong relations with community partners and leaders.

“We are so pleased that Jen is being recognized with this ‘Community Benefit Award’. She is a strong leader with excellent communication skills, and is deeply committed to our rural community and patients. At Jen’s direction, our strategic plan consistently incorporates the results of our most recent Community Needs Assessment. This has been the catalyst for both the Addiction Medicine Clinic and the behavioral health screening program for at-risk youth. Our community and our 2 million+ visitors/year are the beneficiaries of Jen’s creativity, enthusiasm, and team-centric approach to program implementation. Thank you for recognizing her accomplishments and potential.” – CCO